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AC Inspections & Tune Ups

Let's make sure your AC system is running in tip top shape.

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Is your cooling system operating at its highest efficiency? One thing is for sure – after an inspection from one of our experienced HVAC technicians, it will be.

Air Conditioning Inspections & Tune Ups

Is your AC system working harder than necessary?

Without regular check ups from a certified HVAC professional, your air conditioning system will increasingly consume more energy, function at a lower capacity, and is more prone to system failures and breakdowns.

If you haven’t had your AC system looked at recently, it’s definitely time to schedule an inspection or tune up. When your air conditioner is properly care for, you’ll see lower utility bills and experience improved indoor comfort.

Why get an AC tune up?

  • Decreased risk of breakdown or failure
  • Discover potentially disastrous issues before they cost you big bucks
  • Enhanced energy efficiency and reduced consumption
  • Lower utility bills
  • Experience improved indoor air quality
  • Lengthen your AC system’s lifespan

When should you get an AC inspection?

We highly recommend scheduling annual AC inspections before the warm seasons of the year kick into high gear. You’ll want to know before it gets hot outside if your AC system has any problems that could lead to expensive repairs or complete system replacements.

What does an AC tune up actually consist of?

Our trustworthy HVAC technicians will examine and repair the following aspects and components of your AC system when necessary: electrical connections, safety controls, thermostats, air filters, lubricate moving parts, cooling coils, and more.

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